Audience: Nonprofit Executives and Social Change Leaders (Ontario-wide)
Location: Wasan Island, Muskoka, ON
Facilitator: Denise Pinto
Session Length: 6 hours
Session Title: Future of SSE

We hosted a heart-centered workshop was designed to bring together a community of social change leaders to envision a future for the School for Social Entrepreneurs on their 5th Anniversary Retreat. Using “unlearning” concepts and creative problem solving tools, the day involved embodiment exercises, visioning, ideation, and the development of several prototype ‘Theories of Change’ in service of complex social challenges.


Audience: Social Change Leaders (Worldwide)
Location: Centre for Social Innovation, Toronto, ON
Facilitators: Denise Pinto, Robert Wakulat
Session Length: 8 hours
Session Title: Fabric of Change

We facilitated a two-part workshop for Ashoka Fellows participating in the Fabric of Change, a global initiative to support innovators for a fair and sustainable apparel industry. Bringing together industry entrepreneurs, we used a high-energy and immersive ecosystem mapping workshop that centred around building sculptures to unlock insight and share stories. Leveraging their ideas and expertise, we capped the day with a spontaneously co-designed ‘unconference’ for the afternoon which surfaced and addressed burning questions, setting the stage for a collaborative action plan.


Audience: Creative Professionals from around the world
Location: Geneva Park, Orillia, ON
Facilitators: Denise Pinto, Robert Wakulat
Session Length: 90 minutes
Session Title: Check Your Privilege: Facilitating with an awareness of who’s in the room

This workshop brought professionals into a conversation about power and positionality in the context of creative work. It was designed as an opportunity to name unnamed privileges — education, language, race, and gender — as they bear on creative industries. Participants took an introspective walk along an imagined ‘river of life’ to better understand how to use their status in life to support social justice. The workshop provided a space for self-generated insights as well as tools to go beyond tokenism, develop trust, and welcome a wider range of collaborators into a conversation about building an equitable, creative future.

Audience: Women immigrants and refugees to Canada
Location: Toronto Centre for Community Learning and Development
Facilitator: Denise Pinto
Session Length: 3 hours
Session Title: Empowerment Through Leadership

This interactive session took participants through a series of embodiment and journaling exercises in which they explored stories of their own leadership, and learned other models of leadership in support of creating community-level change. Based on an anti-oppression framework, the group explored individual moments of passion and perseverance, then matched their self-analyses to a number of discrete opportunities for making a difference. Participants left the session with tools to empower themselves, their peers, and their community within the context of civic mental health promotion.