robert wakulat

Curious Lawyer & Facilitator | LinkedIn

Robert is the Managing Director of Courage Co-Lab Inc., where he connects corporate partners to creative processes. He is a Founding Law Partner at Wakulat Dhirani LLP, a professional services from embedded at the Centre for Social Innovation where he focuses on supporting social entrepreneurs working to alleviate social or environmental challenges. Robert is highly sought after to lead workshops on corporate law and enterprise structure across the GTA with community-based organizations, the Toronto Public Library and postsecondary institutions such as Ryerson University’s Social  Innovation Zone. This includes recurring guest instructor roles with the School for Social Entrepreneurs and Toronto Artscape’s Launchpad program for creative entrepreneurs. Robert loves exploring provocative questions and often co-hosts “Kitchen Table Conversations” on topics that pique his personal and professional interest.



Disruptor in Residence | LinkedIn

Tim’s first public act of disruption was spreading pasted sheets of paper, sticky-side up, on his third-grade classroom floor — and watching the results. He now focuses on more productive activities as an innovation facilitator for businesses and start-ups in 37 countries. He has guest lectured at universities in Canada, US, UK, Denmark, Chile, and Australia. His book on productive thinking, Think Better, is a McGraw Hill Business Classic, available in ten languages. He is a Founding Director of Launch U, Oberlin College’s innovation incubator, and a founder of Mindcamp, an international creative thinking collective with annual conferences in Canada, Chile, and the US. Tim is a senior faculty member of the Creativity Europe Association, South African Creativity Association, and Creative Education Foundation (US), where he is honored with its Distinguished Leader Award. Tim thinks the phrase “out of the box” should be put back in the box and buried in a deep hole.



Inquisitive, Strategic Doer of Things | LinkedIn

Alia is an Associate at Courage Co-Lab, where she makes things happen and emboldens changemakers to bridge the gaps between intent and impact. She is an inquisitive city-builder with an MPA and cheerful imperturbability in the face of complexity. Through her work as the Executive Director of Jane's Walk and her growing caboodle of projects, initiatives, and side hustles, she seeks to make city-building in Toronto and around the world more human-centered, resulting in better public policy, inclusively designed services, products, and spaces, and an urban business ecosystem that is competitive, compassionate, and socially innovative.